The Computer Geek

When I’m not brewing or drinking beer I spend time as a computer geek. Yes, I’m a geek; and, I’m fine with that. Being a geek is cool these days. Probably because geeks like me are behind the most exciting things happening in the world of technology.

Like a lot of “80s kids,” I was sucked into the world of video games; and at 11, I was obsessed with the technology behind them. In a way, you might say learning how to program in Basic on my Commodore VIC-20 helped prepare me for work I would later do for BMW, Lincoln Center, The Bermuda Department of Tourism and Wells Fargo.

I am fortunate enough to work with a talented and forward-thinking team of interactive strategists, designers, animators and developers who are constantly pushing themselves to innovate. We help everyone from national real estate companies to health care companies to universities create an online presence that is engaging, tells a story, and more than anything, serves a purpose.

The geek in me can’t help but point out that we are developing sites that are very cool. The suit in me, though, is equally excited by the fact that we are helping businesses and changing the way people shop and interact—even the way people live.

Given the state of technology today, the virtual world is no longer a destination; instead, it has become seamlessly integrated in our lives. This is due to a number of reasons; it is part design, and part web application—giving us the technology that allows us to engage people on a personal level.

It’s funny when I think back to the hours I used to spend with my VIC-20 and Atari video games; how far we’ve come. It feels like I am on a great adventure of ideas and innovation, one that started for me in the 80’s and continues today.