Barrel Tips from the Pros

Barrel Tips from the Pros

Thinking about barrel aging a homebrew? My brew club has done several collaborative barrel brews and this has me thinking of trying one on my own.

Here are some helpful tips from several pro brewers for using barrels on a homebrew level.

Keezer Build

The Keerzer is functional! I still have some finishing work to do: some minor sanding, staining, etc…I also need to get a longer supply line from my CO2 tank to the manifold so I can put the tank outside of the freezer, but for now, it’s all jammed inside and dispensing beer!

Here’s basically all of the steps involved in the build:

  1. Remove the hinges and set the door aside
  2. Lay down weather stripping around the top of the freezer
  3. Build the inside 10 inch collar
  4. Lay the collar on top of the weather stripping
  5. Attach the collar to the existing holes for the hinges
  6. Attach 12 inch boards to the outside of the collar with mitered corners to give it a finished look and to add a couple of inches of overhang to keep the collar in place
  7. Insulate the inside of the collar
  8. Attach the door to the collar
  9. Load up that freezer with beer!
  10. Enjoy homebrew on tap.