8218125133_57cf370df5Yesterday I read this article about Jim Koch and The Boston Beer Company and it really pissed me off. If it weren’t for Jim Koch and the company he founded, I’m sure the craft beer revolution would look much different. Koch has spent the past 30 years battling the corporate beer giants—Budweiser, Miller, and Coors and without his efforts many small breweries wouldn’t have a market today.

While contemplating my response, I came across this article entitled, “Sam Adams and Why We Need To Stop Listening to Hipsters”. After reading Vinny’s response and agreeing with many of his points, I do not feel the need to post about it here. I’ll simply recommend you read both articles. Then remember, Craft beer – including Sam Adams – is awesome. Go taste something you haven’t had before and find what YOU like. Look for rich, well-balanced, good tasting beer. Decide what is best for you. Don’t let some hipster douchebag dictate your tastes — I’ve seen some of those assholes drinking PBR just because it was ironic so what the fuck do they know about taste?